What the Chefs have to say about Nekutli Agave Nectar

“It has a beautiful pureness and clarity to it and doesn’t cover the flavor like other sweeteners, allowing the meat’s flavor to come through,” says Chef Kip Feight of Conundrum Catering who uses Nekutli Agave Nectar for his showstopping mesquite-smoked, Agave glazed Wild Boar specialty.

“We use it in place of refined sugar, ” says Ryan Healey, Sous Chef at Range. “It’s a wholer product than sugar. It hasn’t been processed and processed. And it suits the theme of our restaurant – the New West. Agave comes from the same plant that makes Tequila. We use Agave all the time, from salad dressings to balance out the tartness to meat glazings. One of our specialties is antelope with macademia nuts. After searing, we brush on the Agave and the nuts for the crust-like glaze.”

“Nekutli Agave Nectar is a fantastic cooking ingredient because it is sweet but not as overpowering as honey,” says Chef Thomas Colosi of The Blue Maize. “The flavor profile has a woody, oaky quality, an authentic quality that conveys the flavors of Tequila. We use it in so many recipes including flank steak marinade; it is great in marinades because it doesn’t coagulate.”

Colosi also uses Nekutli Agave Nectar in dishes such as Habanero Carrot Salad, Spicy Cilantro Jalapeno Puree served on Masa Flatbread, Orange Chipotle Chicken Sauce, Avocado Lime Dressing served with Southwestern Chopped Salad. It’s also his choice for the Blue Maize’s Strawberry Shortcake. “We use ancho chiles and Agave Nectar in the strawberries,” he says.

“Vinaigrettes hold better with Agave Nectar – it doesn’t get too thick. And Agave is superb for marinating. I marinate duck breast overnight with herbs like rosemary and thyme and I use the amber Agave. It never gets too sweet,” said Chef Carlos Salcedo of Jimmy’s Restaurant.

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