Agave Nectar Recipes

These Executive Chefs in Aspen, Colorado use Nekutli in a wide variety of applications including marinades, salsas, sauces, BBQ sauce, chutneys, meat glazes, desserts, lemonade, iced tea, baked goods, vinaigrettes, margaritas and, of course, as a table top sweetener to complement tea and coffee.

Chefs and Restaurants Recipes using Agave Nectar
Nekutli Agave Nectar Specials
Jeanette Kappeli Sullivant, Private Chef
Apple Tart
Banana Bread

BBQ Sauce

Chocolate Berry Tart w. Cream Cheese Filling

Cranberry Ginger Pear Chutney

Fig Bread

Mango Papaya Grilled Shrimp

Mango Pineapple-Lime Cheesecake with Ginger Crust

Pecan Pie

Ken Bartle, Private Brewer Agave Amber Ale
Thomas W. Colosi, Executive Chef
The Blue Maize, Aspen, CO
Orange Agave Chipotle Sauce
RANGE Restaurant, Aspen, CO
Agave Nectar Spiced Carrot Soup
Conundrum Catering, Aspen, CO
Asian Ribs Recipe
Jason Frydl, Executive Chef
Iguana’s Bar & Grille, Aspen, CO
Chili Rubbed Beef Tenderloin and Sweet Agave Nectar Tomato Sauce

Jimmy’s – An American Restaurant & Bar
, Aspen, CO
Simple Mixed Greens with Champagne Vinaigrette and Duck
Anton Uhl, Private Chef Kaiser Schmarren
Ultra-light Waffles
Glazed Pork Roast
MZ Margarita
Zhena, Chef East Indian Agave Sweet Treat
Chloe Conger, Private Chef Coconut Ginger Tapioca Pudding
Ania Catalano, Chef, Author Cookbook: Baking With Agave Nectar:
80 Recipes Using Nature’s Ultimate Sweetener


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